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My Approach

A Positive Disposition

Students should feel comfortable with learning – the process itself being an exploratory mission, not a cesspool of unrealistic expectations and judgments. A positive disposition paves the way for quicker learning. Students eagerly take on new challenges because they have a consistent track record of accomplishments.

Diagnostics of Process

Every person learns differently. Methods and protocols only go so far. Everything needs to be fine-tuned to the individual. Some students take information in so fast that they have trouble tackling core issues; others don’t trust their own intelligence, perceptions and abilities and trip over their own doubt. Some people are paralyzed with perfection. These tendencies show up in very young children as well as older children and adults.

Master Your Process

Learning an instrument involves accessing information through our eyes, ears, and muscles (visual, aural and kinesthetic pathways). We need to develop all three passageways and we need to feel the difference between them. It is through this awareness that we can pick and choose our processes according to what we are trying to accomplish.

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